Monty Hyams Derwent during Monty's era
1918 Born London, 1 March
1936 First job. Continues GRIC studies at night.
1943 Marries Valerie Horwit (Sons: 1949 & 1954)
1947 Joins Pyrene Company, still as a lab scientist
Becomes Patents Manager at Pyrene Monty & Valerie move to 'Derwent', 8 Cyprus Gardens, Finchley
1951 British Patents Report
Resigns from Pyrene. Earnings have risen 6-fold …but surplus is mainly invested in expanding the business.
1953 Combines Derwent with part-time at J.A. Kemp
Moves to 54 Tenterden Drive, Hendon German and Soviet Patents Reports  (via recruitment of part-time staff)
Goes totally full-time on Derwent
1955 First overseas travel: to Brussels…… Belgian Patents Report
1956 Spraygun patent pays for first car. (Val drives it.)
1958 First family holiday abroad (Italy)
1960 Move out of Hyams home to half the ground floor of Rochdale House
Obtains Soviet visa and travels to Moscow Purchase of UK competitor, Technical Information Company
1961 Takes over Pergamon's contract for Bulletin of Soviet Inventions
1963 Frequent trips now to N.America & Japan Farmdoc: first of a series of patent documentation services
1964 Ringdoc: literature documentation service
1965 Agdoc
   (In past 5 years, turnover has risen 15-fold in real terms; profits 20-fold)
1966 Plasdoc.        Thomson Corporation acquires 51% of Derwent
1970 Central Patents Index supersets patents activity at Derwent
-1972 Many iterations of negotiations over a World Patents Index
1974 Derwent Launches its World Patents Index building on work since 1963
1976 DWPI launches on the SDC Orbit Online Service (others gradually follow)
1977 Queens Award for Export Achievement (others in 1985 & '95)
1979 First Industry Award. (Others in '82,'84,'92, 2000)
1983 Work with Questel towards Markush coding
1984 Leaves hands-on role at Derwent.
1985 Leaves Thomson entirely, save for Lifetime Presidential role at Derwent.
1986 Managing Editor of Index to Theses
The Internet age entirely post-dates Monty at Derwent
Derwent is absorbed into Thomson Scientific in corporate terms
Its databases become notable components of a wider offering
2006 Death of Valerie
2011 Sale of Index to Theses. Finally retires.
2013 March: Contacted/quoted re. the celebrations 50th anniversary celebrations of DWPI.
9 October: dies peacefully at his home